Thursday, 1 January 2015

V/A - Bootprints Across Italy!! 1999

Here's a mixed bag with really good stuff from Italy. This unoffical release came out 1999 on Bootprint and like Killed By Death #77 this compilation includes the complete records from all the bands. Dominant here is a damn good Hardcore/Oi! sound and all these songs were recorded in the 80s and every original is highly coveted by many collectors and I'm always glad if someone takes care and put all such rarities together and make it available again. The invention of the internet is not bad at all isn't it? Essential CD!!!!  

1.Scenderemo Nelle Strade - NABAT
2.Senza Soldi Senza Casa - NABAT
3.Asociale Oi! - NABAT
4.Lavoro - NABAT
5.Shock Delle Case - NABAT
6.Refused & Rejected - SHOCKIN' TV
7.Solo Parole - SHOCKIN' TV
8.Sorrisi Al Napalm - SHOCKIN' TV
9.Spazi Di Potere - SHOCKIN' TV
10.Media Oppressione - SHOCKIN' TV
11.Errori Viventi - SHOCKIN' TV
12.Kill For Sex - SHOCKIN' TV
13.Vivisezione - SHOCKIN' TV
14.Torino E' La Mia Citta' - ROUGH
15.No Mai - ROUGH
16.Riot In The Street - ROUGH
17.Abuse Of Power - ROUGH
18.Nessun Pudore - BASTA
19.Disertare - BASTA
20.Non Cambiero' Mai - BASTA
21.Basta Con La Polvere - BASTA
22.Caos - BASTA
23.Laida Bologna - NABAT
24.Potere Nelle Strade - NABAT
25.Lunga Vita Ai Ribelli Oi! - NABAT
26.Troia - NABAT
27.Senza Patria - HOPE & GLORY
28.Skin Heads - HOPE & GLORY
29.Ghost Of Ska - HOPE & GLORY
30.Giustizia - HOPE & GLORY
31.Anche Domani - PLASTIC SURGERY


  1. bitte neu hochladen, besten Dank!!