Thursday, 1 January 2015

SPERMA - Love Love 7'' 1980

Formed in the late 70s, Sperma was one of the best known punk bands from the innovative punkscene in Zurich/Switzerland. Their classic song "Zuri Punx" describes exactly what's goin' on at that time around. At the weekend they wanted to punk and anarchy during the week you was a rubber office, add a simple song structure, a text which is pithy and easy, born is a hymn which everyone can sing along yet. That's Punk!!! In their live performances, it was not bad that they can't control their instruments and the tones were not perfectly. In the studio, however, had the desired partly amateurish way to a clean work, not always easy for the band. Anyway, they released four 7inches and this is their last record with English lyrics and a more poppy sound.

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