Thursday, December 07, 2023

PANDEMONIUM - Who The Fuck Are You? EP 1983

Now a fine release by Pandemonium and this 7Inch is not really new in the Blogsphere but it's a damn good one so what the fuck? Founded in Venlo early Eighties, the bandmembers were already friends since kindergarten, and consisted of Peter (vocals/bass), Danny (guitars), Rowdy (drums) and the first edition of this goodie came in 550 copies with two different coversAfter playing around for a while, the De Pandemonium Affaire demo got recorded in 1982 and was released on the band's label Limbabwe Records. The music on the demo was raw and biting and had a strong Scandinavian influence. The debut album (Wir Fahren Gegen Dreck) followed in 1984 and after another 7Inch the band started to break up in 1986, there were also some Compilation performances. Great Stuff!

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