Wednesday, December 06, 2023

V/A - Really Fast Vol.2 1984

Second Compilation from this cool series which came via Really Fast Records and again 1600 copies were pressed. And on these records are only Swedish bands who celebrate more fast and aggressive Hardcore/Punk and to preserve a monument to them this little idea was born. Some made it onto vinyl, others only on those gems. This edition also comes, like Volume 1, in a beautiful poster sleeve with pictures, artwork and information about the bands, a solid release, Enjoy!

1.Magic Mushrooms - THE KRIXHJÄLTERS
2.The Guardian Of The Society - THE KRIXHJÄLTERS
3.Tänk Realistiskt - S.O.D.
4.BSS - S.O.D.
5.I Don't Want - S.O.D.
6.Rustning Är Mord - ASOCIAL
7.Frihet - ASOCIAL
8.Hiroshima/Slakta Assars Nassar - TATUERADE SNUTKUKAR
10.Krossade Pungkulor - TATUERADE SNUTKUKAR
11.Pensionär - SWANKERS
12.Anti-Oi - SWANKERS
13.Trofull - NYX NEGATIV
14.Makten - NYX NEGATIV
15.Vi Kan - MOB 47
16.Dagen Efter - MOB 47
17.Vi Vill Ha Frihet - MOB 47
18.Vår Värld - MOB 47
19.Nowhere - BRISTLES
20.Dataspel - AB HJÄRNTVÄTT
22.Tristess - INGRON HUTLÖS
23.Raggarstat - INGRON HUTLÖS
24.Skit I Valet - INGRON HUTLÖS
25.Run - R.T.S.
26.R.T.S. - R.T.S.
27.Det Finns Inget Kvar - R.T.S.
28.Byråkrati Gör Dig Fri - R.T.S.
29.Napalm - R.T.S.
30.Minoritet Förtryck - DISTRUST
31.Föroreningar - DISTRUST
32.Fred & Frihet - DISTRUST
33.Heavy Gym - SUBWAY ARMY
34.Decontrol - SUBWAY ARMY
35.Farligt - SÖTLIMPA
36.Fred - SÖTLIMPA

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