Saturday, December 03, 2022

FUNERAL ORATION - Survival EP 1986

Brrrrrr.... it's gotten damn frosty and that needs distraction and the next combo do this perfectly: Funeral Oration celebrated positively feedback with their remarkably debut Communion and left clear marks in the Dutch Punk scene, followed 1986, after some line-up changes, with the Survival EP on Remedy Records and this was recorded in Amsterdam by Peter (vocals), Hayo (guitars), William (bass), Ferry (drums). The four songs on this little piece of wax impress with their fantastic melodies and sophisticated lyrics, mainly due to the unmistakable vocal style of Peter (R.I.P.). The main track was guest on the Weckewerk compilation Not Great For Great Men and made a big impression on me, but somehow I lost track of the band and years later I grabbed the second album, which came out in 1987 on Swaddle Records, but that didn't excite me much and I sold it again. Anyway, let me give you a suitable review of this post: "Although the band has reformed and has had some line-up changes, their patented power sound comes across as strong as ever with the release of these four songs. Combined melodies and loud thrash come forth with harmonizing vocals and straight-forwards lyrics, all making up this band’s creative sound." (Martin Sprouse, MRR #40 • September 1986) Nothing to add, enjoy the platter & turn the heating on.


  1. Communion is their total winner, but this is still fantastic. Even like their more poppy stuff.