Saturday, 23 January 2016


Here's an extreme pretty cool melodic punk album and I would like to quote lots of infos I've found on their MySpace site:

Funeral Oration was a melodic hardcore punk band from Amsterdam/Netherlands. They were active from 1983 until the end of the 1990s, putting out highly influential records on Dutch, German, British and American labels. They managed to create their own unique sound, mainly due to the unmistakable vocal style of the singer Peter Zirschky.

Funeral Oration was formed in early 1983 out of the ashes of singer Peter Zirschky's former band – Last Warning. The initial line-up was completed by drummer Ferry Fidom, bassist Mike who was soon replaced by William Steinhauser, and guitarist David. The latter quit just after the recording of their first demo, so Zirschky took over guitar duties. In the beginning of 1984 another demo tape was recorded, this time with better production which captured the raw energy of those early days of the band. It wasn't until the fall of 1984 that their music finally made it to vinyl when the self-produced 'Shadowland' 12'' was released. Four tracks of ripping hardcore on side A, backed with three of the darkest post-punk songs established their trademark sound. The next year brought a new guitarist, Tos Nieuwenhuizen (ex-Agent Orange), and a new release – their first and now legendary album 'Communion" (1985) on Diehard Records, which was ranked #3 best punk rock album of the year by Flipside magazine.

The unique guitar style of Tos Nieuwenhuizen and heartfelt lyrics of Peter Zirschky earned the album a classic status. In 1986 guitarist Tos left the band. He was replaced by Hayo Buunk and later that year a new 7inch EP was recorded – "Survival". Their second album, simply titled "Funeral Oration", saw the light in 1987 and the same year drummer Ferry Fidom left the band. With the new drummer Erik Jansen in, the band’s line-up didn’t change for a decade. Another EP 'The More We Know' was released in 1989 and in the end of the year material for a new album was recorded, but a hiatus in the band caused its late release – the "Say No To Life" record was finally put out in 1993 by WRF Records. This record gave a hint of what would become their definitive sound in the '90s – catchier melodies and better production, still keeping the edge of their previous albums.

After almost five years of silence, the four entered the studio to record their CD debut "Punk Rock Nation", which caught the ear of american Hopeless Records who eventually signed the band. Most of the tracks off "Punk Rock Nation" were included on their next release, predictably titled "Funeral Oration". A semi-professional video was shot for the song "Outside", which can be seen on the "Cinema Beer Goggles" video. Hopeless Records issued the band’s last two studio albums 'Believer' (1997) and 'Survival' (1998) – and a double-disc compilation with rare, unreleased and live material. In 1997 Vinny Tjoa joined as a second guitar since Hayo Buunk couldn't take part in the recording of "Survival". Funeral Oration did three american tours in three consecutive years – in 1996, '97 and '98 – promoting each of their Hopeless Records releases. By the end of the decade the band members went their separate ways.

Sad news in the end, on 17.April 2008 Erik Jansen former drummer for Funeral Oration passed away after a tragic accident. Fazit: excellent legacy from one of the finest dutch bands ever.


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