Friday, 22 January 2016

WOMBELS - Aber Angelika!? EP 1989

Nothing new in blogland but this EP of the numinous Wombels from Ulm is simply delicious. One of my favorite bands and with their melodic punk rock they're a perfect start to a cold winter day. The band sang their first songs in German, and then swung into English. Their legendary 'Fast & Bouncy' album was unfortunately a lousy production and that's the reason why only 75 copies were pressed. Today one of the rarest and most sought albums. Worth mentioning the great cover artwork too. Don't miss their second record Divine Madness which has a brilliant production and with the Wombels I feel good and if you feelin' bad then let them in. Unfortunately sad news at the end, singer/guitarist and founding member Steff has died after a long illness on 17.07.2015 - a complete surprise to me... thank you for the great music, R.I.P.

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