Sunday, 24 January 2016

ANTI-BAND - Only Album 1983

A fuckin' awesome record is comin' next and like the WBT album this record kicks from the first tone. Anti-Band was formed in 1979 in Hollywood/CA. by founding members Jimmy Leach (vox & guit.), Vincent Louis (lead guitar & bass) and Allen Butler (drums) and their first release is a three Track EP on Zebian Records in 1982. In 1983 they released this killer Mini-LP and you hardly ever see one of these come up for sale. Totally D.I.Y. with stamped on title and handwritten info on the spine. The back is a paste on graphic. I came in touch with their music when I listen to the 10'' bootleg BUST! compilation and the song is called "Success" and this two minute warning blows the shit out of me and so I'm searchin the net for their album. And you finally see I found it. This is a must and so I post their awesome record here, all three songs from the EP are included on the album and the only deficit is after sixteen minutes the storm is over. I'm sure many will listen to this snotty smasher quickly a second time. Pick it!

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