Sunday, 24 January 2016

THE WILD WEEK END - Hipertiroid EP 2003

Second issue by this great punk rock with power pop influences band from south Italy. Ramones, high energy Rock’N’Roll, real kids, distorted guitars and you gotta like it! Four tracks, four trashers! Limited edition of 300 copies, released on Lo-Fi Records. Here's a bit info from their MySpace page and it's worth to click over: The Wild Week End has always been a trio with the boast of representing the one and only rock'n roll pearl in a city, Salerno, which is musically full of shit. Born in 1999 by an idea of Yena/Peppe Ferrari, original bass player, tha band is formed also by Gian Paolo Trifone/Wild JP, guitar and vocals and Joe Braccialetto on drums. After several line-up changes and demos the label Lo-Fi Records took notice of the band and their first EP "Next Your Bombs" came out and has been very well reviewed by the best italian music magazines. It is also very appreciated on the pages of Maximum Rock N Roll, Feb. 2001, and goes up to number third on its playlist of the month. In 2003 it was time for the second EP "Hypertiroid". 2004 is the year of the full CD on Nicotine Records. The band will also appear on the Alphamonic four tape compilation, with lots of great italian and international bands and in 2006 follows their second album Orrendo Rock. So the band is still hot and with their dirty garage sound they hit every party, cool shit.

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