Sunday, July 03, 2022

THE DICKS - Peace? EP 1984

Long overdue the following combo from Texas, the Dicks which were formed 1980 in Austin by Gary (vocals), Glen (guitars), Buxf (bass), Pat (drums). The four are known for their confrontational stage presence (Floyd was an open homosexual who frequently appeared in drag on stage and had no qualms about getting in the face of close-minded audience members) and raucous music. They started writing burly, blues-drenched Punk anthems and began playing raucous, shows with local heroes the Big Boys. Unlike that band’s funk-infused, high-production value drag show, the Dicks opted for a cruder but still spectacular approach. Their first masterful single Dicks Hate The Police, released in 1980, brought them much attention and is now regarded as a classic and has rightly been republished in large numbers. This EP is unlike anything else before or after, a total powerhouse of a song. The flip found the band playing faster and harder than most other US combo at the time. Peace? is their second 7Inch on MDC Dave's Radical Records label with three great numbers. In 1983, the band relocated to San Francisco. However, Glen, Buxf, and Pat soon decided to return to Austin. Floyd carried on with the Dicks' name, recruiting new members Lynn (drums), Sebastian (bass) and Tim (guitar). This line-up released the second album (These People) before calling it quits in 1986. Floyd and Lynn went on to form Sister Double Happiness

The group disbanded in 1986, although occasional one-off reunion shows featuring the Austin lineup occurred through the 1980s & 1990s. In 2004, Dicks began playing regular reunion concerts in Austin and elsewhere. The line-up for the shows consists of the original Dicks, with the exception of Glen, who died sadly in 1997. A documentary film, The Dicks From Texas was released in 2015 about the band, Austin & the Texas Punk scene along with a tribute album with twenty-seven bands covering twenty-eight Dicks songs. The Dicks announced that their final show would be October 30, 2016 @ Grizzly Hall in Austin however due to popular demand, a second show was added the day afterward. That's it folks!

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