Thursday, May 26, 2022

OLHO SECO - Os Primeiros Dias EP 1988

One is still going today, freshly ripped and now on the table: we enjoy Brazil's greatest Hardcore band and they have 100% to smash your shack: Olho Seco, and they played rough and fuzzy music somehow retained a melodic undercurrent, making their songs instantly ingrained in the old medula for all time and the interesting thing about their music is the totally distorted recordings and I always think about it, do they use a guitar? Their songs sound like a harvester or a forest worker, so I'm really blown away every time when I listen to this fucking noises. Sure is, this is a perfecrt record for all raw Hardcore maniacs worldwide and you certainly like bands such as Ratos De Porão or Lixomania. Olho Seco were from São Paulo, formed in 1980 and on this record were involved Fabio (vocals), Redson (guitars), Val (bass), Sartana (drums) and this blast was released via New Face Records. The raw and direct sound typical of Punk bands became heavier and faster in Olho Seco's interpretation, which helped the band win respect and influence new generations of Punks. After their compilation tracks they put out the split album Botas, Fuzis, Capacetes (available today at inflated prices) with Brigada Do Ódio, this split was very well received and resulted in the band being invited to participate in many international compilations such as Welcome To 1984, released by Maximum Rock'N'Roll. After that, Olho Seco released several albums on their own and many tributes to this band have been produced, the most important being the Tributo A Olho Seco compilation, which included the greatest Punk/HC bands in Brazil, as well as Força Macabra (from Finland) and Cripple Bastards (from Italy). At the end of the day, Olho Seco continues to be faithful to the style which they made famous: fast & agressive Punkrock.


  1. Agree, Olho Seco were one of the best from Brazil, were blown away back in the day when we blasted the great Grito Suburbano Comp LP.

  2. great stuff, good it had a chance at re-release. do you now inocentes? think their then unreleased lp,miséria e fome, would be interesting to ya. filthiest guitar sound this side of the germs. this is the link, with the original ep they released themselves and the other tracks that form the full lenght, who fell off when a label tried to pass it thru censorship.

    1. Of course I know the Inocentes, they are also represented here in the blog, did you look for them? Thanks for the link :)