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Sunday, January 18, 2015

LIXOMANIA - Violência & Sobrevivência EP 1982

Last for today, a fresh EP with classic KBD stuff. Lixomania was a punk rock band from Brazil, formed 1979 in Sao Paulo by Adauto "Ada" (bass), Tikinho (guitar & vox) and Zú on (drums), they started playing in the late 70s, mainly influenced by early UK Punk heroes Sex Pistols, The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, UK Subs, etc...they become one of the first Brazilian punk-bands and also released one of the first punk records. After some years in practice Lixomania made their first presentation at a meeting of unheard punk bands with only three songs in their repertoire and they played an awesome show, on the same day other pretty punk bands like Inocentes, Colera & Olho Seco showed up. Today all their records are classics. 1982 they released this record (their only one) with 6 brilliant punk smashers and they appear on the O Começo Do Fim Do Mundo compilation LP with a very badly recorded song - it was recorded on a walkman! A lot of gigs followed and Lixomania was the first punk band to play outside of Sao Paulo state and in March 1983 the band split and than later changed their name to 365 and became a new wave band. 365 still exists today. Review: "Lixomania sound a bit like some of the better new English bands, but with an edge and vocal rawness more reminiscent of Finnish groups. There's one thrasher and a bunch of mid-tempo punk songs covering themes like punk not dying, massacres of innocent people, etc. The lyrics are in Portugese, the language of Brazil." - Tim Yohannon (from Maximum Rock'n'Roll #5, March/April 1983)

- Special Thx to Reinhard -

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

V/A - Killed By Death #41 1998

Welcome again to another number of the Killed By Death series (find for more KBD volumes over the search option), a further collection of some punkrock rarities, mostly europe here, with an international focus, featuring a couple places that didn't have a big punk scene. And again the detectives did a nice job with all these amazing goodies which should not bail in the meaninglessness. More info about the bands & release dates you find in the liner notes in this file, Vinyl-Rip & all cover artwork include. Have Fun!!!!

1.Hasse Parasit - VON GAM
2.Mode - VON GAM
3.Cop In The Street - LULLABIES
4.Fashion Punk - LULLABIES
5.Meillä On Yhteinen Tuleveissus - RATTLERS
6.Trodde Vi Hadde Demokrati - STERKE SVAKHETER
7.Sweating All Over - MAGIC DE SPELL
8.Virgin Freedom - MAGIC DE SPELL
9.Börnin Pin - VONBRIGÐI
10.Dereglee - MARIE FRANCE
11.No Such Thing - VIPERS
12.Fugitivo - LIXOMANIA
13.Violencia & Sobrevivencia - LIXOMANIA
14.No Idea - STALIN
15.Kama Sutra - STALIN
16.Ha Que Violentor O Sistema - AQUI D'EL ROCK
18.Amenaza Amarilla - LOS NIKIS
19.Gamma Magic Globulina - LOS NIKIS
21.Screwball - ELECTRIC DEADS
22.Crossroad - ELECTRIC DEADS
24.It Could Be You - LULLABIES
25.Io Son Un Autonomo - SKIANTOS

Thursday, May 26, 2022

OLHO SECO - Os Primeiros Dias EP 1988

One is still going today, freshly ripped and now on the table: we enjoy Brazil's greatest Hardcore band and they have 100% to smash your shack: Olho Seco, and they played rough and fuzzy music somehow retained a melodic undercurrent, making their songs instantly ingrained in the old medula for all time and the interesting thing about their music is the totally distorted recordings and I always think about it, do they use a guitar? Their songs sound like a harvester or a forest worker, so I'm really blown away every time when I listen to this fucking noises. Sure is, this is a perfecrt record for all raw Hardcore maniacs worldwide and you certainly like bands such as Ratos De Porão or Lixomania. Olho Seco were from São Paulo, formed in 1980 and on this record were involved Fabio (vocals), Redson (guitars), Val (bass), Sartana (drums) and this blast was released via New Face Records. The raw and direct sound typical of Punk bands became heavier and faster in Olho Seco's interpretation, which helped the band win respect and influence new generations of Punks. After their compilation tracks they put out the split album Botas, Fuzis, Capacetes (available today at inflated prices) with Brigada Do Ódio, this split was very well received and resulted in the band being invited to participate in many international compilations such as Welcome To 1984, released by Maximum Rock'N'Roll. After that, Olho Seco released several albums on their own and many tributes to this band have been produced, the most important being the Tributo A Olho Seco compilation, which included the greatest Punk/HC bands in Brazil, as well as Força Macabra (from Finland) and Cripple Bastards (from Italy). At the end of the day, Olho Seco continues to be faithful to the style which they made famous: fast & agressive Punkrock.