Saturday, April 23, 2022

MAYHEM - Gentle Murder EP 1982

One hour until today's match against Hoffenheim and I'll pass the time with a cracker, the debut 7Inch from Mayhem on Riot City Records with four rough speedies. Founded 1979 in Southport by Mick (vocals), Johnny (guitar), Deadcat (bass), Collo (drums). Info from discogs: Initially started with a load of mates knocking about together coming out of the legendary Eric's club Liverpool where they all went to the matinees on a Saturday except for Collo who was a bit older and hit the Punk scene with full force because he could. Mick's old school mate Andy Carroll was involved in the early days as manager, he also was involved with sleeve artwork and created the band's logo as well as taking some of the sleeve pictures. Andy signed Mayhem to Riot City Records of Bristol which led to touring with Vice Squad. Numerous independant gigs went on with support for the Exploited at Brady's (ex Eric's) being a particulary mad night for the book. Mick McGee, Andy Carroll and later, one of the Mayhem wreckin' crew ~ Phil 'Rabbit Man' Harrison got involved as road crew for the DK's also. The lads did three UK tours with the DK'sAs ever band members switch about with other local groups and Mayhem members were also with Blitzkrieg and The Insane. Mick Collo was formerly with the earlier Southport Punk band The Dumb Blondes. This is from David Ball, of Failsafe fanzine fame. - Enjoy!

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