Tuesday, 7 December 2021

THE COSMETICS - s/t 10'' + Demo 1979 [2019]

The Cosmetics were a five piece from San Francisco, founded in 1979 by Terri (vocals), Jimmy (vocals/guitar), Cliff (guitar), David (bass) & Jane (drums) and they began to start playing alot of gigs in the Bay Area, mostly as opener for well-known like Black Flag or Agent Orange (which I would have liked to experience). In 1980 they released their only record via Doolang Records with five high energy harsh tracks for your sensitive ears. This classic was reissued with their 1979 Demo recordings, which didn't make it onto the record, by PukeNVomit Records, 100 copies in blue, 400 in black vinyl. Their music shine with the excellent two part female-male vocal harmony & interchanges and has a real hit with "Twinkie Madness", who has a guest appearance on the fantastic Killed By Death #8½ compilation, one of their rare compi invitations. Great Stuff!!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -