Wednesday, 8 December 2021

ARTICLES OF FAITH - Give Thanks 1984

Door #8: debut album on Reflex Records by this awesome combo, Articles Of Faith (1981-1985) which decisively shaped the hardcore scene of the city and was one of the oldest & most important bands of the Chicago punk scene. Originally they went by the name "Direct Drive," but changed over to AOF. Fronted by Vic (vocals(guitar), Dorian & Joe (guitars), Dave (bass), Virus X (drums), the scope of AOF's impact went beyond musical boundries. They might have been the first true hardcore band in this city and were instumental in promoting and organizing shows. Specifically, they were responsible for organizing the shows at the Centro-American Social Club (CASC). 1982 they released their first highlight What We Want Is Free EP with four blastsThey rented out the space, booked and promoted the shows. They even put up the out of town bands and provided a hang-out spot at their house which was lovingly called, "Big Blue." They played their final show in July 1985 at the Cubby Bear. The band reunited in 1991 for a European tour which resulted in the release of a live album through Germany's Your Choice Live Series Records. They reunited again in 2010 for some shows in Chicago, including Riot Fest. That same year they released a 12" EP of new material. - Their debut has ten goodies and is a catchy mix of intense crackers to melodic reflections and the five are gladly seen on numerous essential compilations.

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