Sunday, 21 November 2021

FALCO - Jeanny 7'' 1985

Another artist of the New German Wave was Falco from Vienna, who conquered the world with his Kommissar at the beginning of the Eighties, and was one of the most successful interpreters of this pop culture. In contrast to many other musicians, he was able to establish himself consistently with his music. After a short low phase he could build on old successes with his album Nachtflug at the beginning of the Nineties again. A bit backgound: Jeanny is the title of a series of songs, the first part of which sparked one of the greatest scandals in the history of German-language pop music. When Jeanny was published, there were allegations that the title played down or glorified rape, although the text didn't explicitly mention violence. However, it shows the perspective a rapist might have on his victim. The way in which the text is presented also allows the conclusion that it is a matter of a stalker who kidnaps his victim because of spurned love and kills him in his madness. The Newsflash part of the song reports a "dramatic increase in the number of missing people" and "another tragic case" of a nineteen year old girl who had been missing for fourteen days, where the police can't rule out the possibility of a crime.

Well, such views are typical of some moral apostle who only scratch the surface and cannot look deeper. Some radio stations fell for it and boycotted the song "for ethical reasons", absolutely ridiculous. Falco himself said in 1986: “Jeanny is alive, that is clear from the text and the video. Part II of Jeanny will prove in the fall that the man is the real victim. It's not for nothing that he ends up in the loony bin at the end, completely knocked out by Jeanny."

I say, a brilliant love song of a different kind with a lot of passion, obsession and still a classic! - On February 6, 1998, Falco died in a car accident on the road between the towns of Villa Montellano and Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. R.I.P.

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