Monday, 22 November 2021

DIE TANZENDEN HERZEN - Tanzfläche 7'' 1988

Debut 7Inch from Die Tanzenden Herzen, a PowerPop trio which celebrated powerful and harmonious pieces. At the end of the Eighties the three were able to inspire not only beat-oriented audiences at many concerts in German-speaking countries and especially in their hometown of Berlin. The band was founded 1987 in Berlin by Klaus Mertens (vocals/guitar), Frank Bongers (bass/vocals) and Andreas Albrecht (drums/keyboard) as The Saturday Boys (the members had already played in numerous other bands and thus gained live and studio experience) and released a tape under this name in 1986 via the young Smarten-Up! label. Tanzfläche was recorded in January 1988 and the flip was played for the first time with wind instruments, Frank (sax). They liked it very well that it was decided to re-record the titeltrack that had already been recorded and to reinforce it with the use of wind instruments. So the release was delayed a bit, but for a summer hit in 1988 it was definitely enough.

Die Tanzenden Herzen convince with polyphonic singing, catchy guitar work, soulful harmonies, which are overlaid by powerful rhythms. Not to forget the sax & co., who give the pieces the right groove. The band plays its way into your hearts with a love to pop - directly! Two more albums followed before calling it a day in 1993.

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