Sunday, 21 November 2021

HUBERT KAH - Rosemarie 7'' 1982

Today we go back to the NDW epoch in the early eighties and come to Hubert Kah. I think Rosemarie was his first 7Inch that was released in February 1982 and the group's first chart success and its breakthrough as a top ten hit in the entire German-speaking region. In June 1982 an English language version appeared under the title Rosemary. The band started as a trio, consisting of Hubert (vocals/keyboards), Markus Löhr (guitars/keyboards) and Klaus (bass) and during this time, Hubert caused quite a stir by his T.V. appearances, wearing a nightdress (splendid) or straitjacket. Numerous albums have been released to date, but the initial phase is certainly the most successful and the later albums are rather meaningless, at least for meAnyway, I like this single and the song, it climaxes with relish.

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  1. Thank you for exposing me to this artist !