Sunday, 26 September 2021

ATTAK - Zombies 1983

We stay tough and spray a touch of streetpunk with the following comrades but we swim back to Europe and land on the British Isles and meet Attak, formed early eighties in New Mills/Derbyshire (the same town as the Blitz) as four piece by Gary (vocals/guitars), Woody (guitars), Chad (bass), Lindsay (drums) and reverted to a trio when their singer left for annoying school commitments. They released two incredible singles in this form, with Lindsay, sister of Mackie from Blitz, being the drummer. A new guitarist was recruited for their underrated classic album before they split up in late 1983. All releases came via No Future Records and they celebrate a decent mix of typical UK punk with Oi!, they on many compilations represented, some are rather superfluous and that's what I call cannibalizing. A small review excerpt from the re-release of their record on CD in 2017 by Ian: "Attak may not have been at the pinnacle of the UK82 scene but their singles were loud, fast and enjoyable and the album showcased some new ideas that were ultimately never followed up...." full length, click louderthanwar.

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  1. Un des albums qui m'a le plus marqué au début des années 80 avec Undead "The Killing Of Reality".