Sunday, 26 September 2021

DEBILS - s/t LP 1981

OK my friends of delicate taste, we are going to take a short trip over to the alpine country and meet the Debils, Toxic (vocals), Rex (guitars), Laps (bass), Christ (drums), from Biene, and they were the only band from the second generation, that did release an album in the early 1980. Their direction was resolute: autodidactic, nonconformist, and apolitical. This was contrary to the intellectual Punk from Geneva or the vain "real and hard" Züri Punx. And, more akin to the Bernese groove, with a touch of francophone mixed within and all songs in french. It's a 100% Swisspunk record and every song on it is a banger and the original record from 1981 is almost impossible to find and therefore it's a bless, that the Berlin label Static Age in cooperation with Swisspunk have reissued this treasure in 2017 in a limited pressing of 488 copies in a delicious gatefold sleeve with a solid insert which contains flyers, pictures, lyrics and some history, of course long ago sold out. Eleven simple, sympathetic songs with fine female vocals in French make this record interesting and its catchy melodies remind me that the Eintracht only played a draw again and I finally have to make my breakfast.

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