Saturday, 25 September 2021

PISTOL GRIP - Another Round 2003

Slept a long time but woke up again and now crossing the Atlantic to the west coast of the US and we visit five nice people there: Stax (vocals), Hollywood & Chris (guitars), Slowey (bass), Boxcar Kelley (drums) = Pistol Grip. Allow me some infos from the great interpunk site: "Founded in 1997, they arose from the depths of the Los Angeles underground scene, as an answer to all the Ska and Pop bands that were saturating the underground and calling themselves "punk." Their sound is a mixture of the U.K. and L.A. styles of punk fused with anti-religious and quasi-political lyrics. Nothing preachy or politically correct, just raw, in-your-face street poetry. They are steadily building a strong following while showing the masses of our deluded pop-culture that the roots of "Punk Rock" started before they were probably even born. Pistol Grip is a breathe of fresh air in a scene of posers and wannabes and on BYO released Pistol Grip's second full-length, an awe-inspiring testament to true punk rock n’ roll. Teeming with sing-along choruses, infectious hooks, driving beats and socially conscious lyrics, this album proves to be a much more mature follow up to their debut 'The Shots From The Kalico Rose'." There is nothing to add, the five know how to do it and impress with their fresh sound and their enthusiasm for playing. Very good stuff!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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