Thursday, 22 July 2021

THIS PERFECT DAY - Balcony Love 7'' 1990

It gets a bit poppier and quieter now, but no means boring, with the following unique sound and style. We're talkin' about This Perfect Day, a Swedish guitar-pop combo, formed 1987 in the northern town of Skelleftea and consisted of Mats (vocals), Rickard & Ove (guitars), Peter (bass), Johan (drums) and Ralph (drums 86-94). Useful infos: "The band pitched their first recordings on cassette to the local record company A West Side Fabrication with whom they were initially signed and released their first singles on vinyl and cassette. Following a gig at the Hultsfred Festival in 1991, the band moved to Soap Records and shortly afterwards their debut 'Rubber Soul' appeared and with this they quickly established themselves as part of the Swedish alternative guitar-pop scene. They toured extensively in Europe, Asia and N America up until 1998 during which their label had planned a compilation. This, however, ran into problems when MNW went through a turbulent phase and subsequently postponed the project. The band were ultimately victims of inner turmoil and disbanded after the Hultsfred Festival in 1998. 'Setting Things Straight' is a double CD, thirty-three track compilation, released in 2007 and gives the listener a broad and valuable insight into TPD's musical achievements."

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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