Wednesday, 21 July 2021

LASCIVIOUS - Requiem To Che Guevara EP 1986

Lascivious was a punk band with a slight metal edge from Morioka and this is their only output on Akiraxtoy. Released as flexi in a red translucent design and certainly in small editions. Members were Hirosi (vocals), 霧  (guitars), Yuzuru (bass), Oshow (drums). Well, I'm not very familiar with Nippon bands and I can't even say much about Lascivious either, but the four songs are consistently impressive and really melodic. No unorthodox tempi changes or something like that, maybe the tough ones among you are a little disappointed, but be open to new things. The vocals are also largely audible & understandable and the classic raw punk mix influenced by the metallic side makes the whole thing something special. No compilation appearances.

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