Friday, 23 July 2021

V/A - Punk Territory Vol.2 - G.B. 1979-82 [1994]

Punk Territory second round and this long-out-of-print bootleg is dedicated to early 80's UK punk and "is catchy as hell; it has sing-a-long choruses and hooky riffs" (F. Havoc). Including well-known classics as well as rarities. You can find some singles of the combos in the blog and each one a real little pearl, the originals of which were definitely published in very small editions, actually as always. For me a very successful selection and absolutely interesting for every newcomer and old hand, I think. Otherwise, today was rather modest and I'm glad it's over. You can't imagine how exhausting and stupid some two-legged people are, but that's another story. Weekend, Sun and Music... NOW!

1.Death's A Career - DRONGOS FOR EUROPE
2.No Hope For Anyone - DEAD WRETCHED
3.Vendetta - THE SAMPLES
4.Pseudo Existence - PSEUDO EXISTORS
5.Coming Up For Air - PSEUDO EXISTORS
6.Singing In The Showers - FUN 4
7.Elevator Crash - FUN 4
8.By-Products - FUN 4
9.Someone Else's War - DEFIANT POSE
10.Just Can't Take Anymore - THE STRAPS
11.Listen To Me - THE FITS
12.You Get What You Deserve - CHARGE
13.Attack - ARMED FORCE
14.Popstar - ARMED FORCE
15.The Wundersea World Of Jacques Cousteau - ARTHUR 2 STROKE
16.After The Bang - DEFIANT POSE
17.No Room For You - DEMOB
18.Straps - THE FITS

- Great Thx to Reinhard -

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