Sunday, 25 July 2021

MANIACS - Bootlegged At The Bootleg 1988

Already regulars on wdthtc and I always like to post a record of the four. and they are worth searching for. Hessian punx Maniacs recorded their live album 1988 at the legendary "Bootleg" Club in Augsburg, which unfortunately had to close after three years due to massive problems with local residents. Released via Rise & Fall Productions and the four shoot out thirteen powerful, but never dull, hardcore bullets with a political statement and the British influence is clearly audibly. In addition, the fantastic recording quality make this album an enjoyable experience. The song selection is also impressive, as you can read below, and guarantees energetic positive vibrations.

Salute The Survivors/(Funeral Of The) Glory Men/Chainsaw Blues/Weltkrieg/Hardcore Punk/Addicted To The Night/Conscientious Objector/Gimme The Bullet/Deutschland/Danger Eyes/Violence/Traveller In Time/New Morning


  1. und nochn Drücker von mir! Auch schön immer deine Hintergrundinfos zu lesen...