Monday, 26 July 2021

D.N.A. - Retrospective 2018

I remember, that the Swedish combo D.N.A. was long on the Wanted list, many years ago, and the response has been astonishingly high. This is proven by the functional link to their first EP A Trip To The Land Of The Dead.... And Backfrom 1985. Black Konflik Records, a malay label, released this limited compilation with a red Obi strip gatefold CD in 2018, 500 copies, with more recordings of this wild and versatile band from Skövde. Unfortunately with no infos about the recordings (except who was playing), but I guess they were all made around the mid-eighties. But apparently all of the band's remaining songs are immortalized here, including those of their two EPs plus two live goodies. The quality is not the best, but enough for a purchase in your city or in the trainMega interesting in any case and very difficult to get. It’s good that these classics can see the light of day after so many years. Despite the rough edges and shit-fi quality, the anger in those releases is unconquerable. Real punk blast from the past. A solid retrospective of an era that marked the birth of the raw punk and d-beat genre.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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