Wednesday, 28 July 2021

SAIGON - Reunion 1984

Saigon is a trio mid 80's Goth/Post Punk combo from Leamington Spa and the band consisted of David (vocals/bass), Simon (guitars), Jez (drums). They released a single and this album before they broke up in the mid 80s. Unfortunately they had the bad luck to sign a deal with Egoldt's sub-label First Floor Records where he obviously expected big incomings from, but when he realized that he could make more money with southpaw music he stamped the label, the bands were ignored and the doors were closed. It's a shame because some good bands have released their records there and nobody speaks a word about them these days and sometimes you get their slab at the rummaging table price which is not bad either. Saigon have real talent and celebrate ten fantastic melodic Death/Goth/Post/Punk numbers with depth and atmosphere, a real strong record. A small footnote, track 3, the title track is unfortunately missing, no idea why someone has it ready and sends it to me.

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