Sunday, 25 July 2021

V/A - Danach Und Stunden Später 1987

OK Leute, today two records by request and first of these is a collection extreme by the Hamburg label Triton and connoisseurs among you know this is the label of the great HH combo Razzia and after their famous debut album they have already taken other paths, written innovative complex songs away from the HeyHoLet'sGo Punk sound, with keyboards and corresponding length and thus set a new direction with which they raised questions but showed what is musically possible, without losing hardness. This compilation is an excellent example of it, four bands who express themselves lyrically very personally and make this clear in their songs and certainly they don't meet the hardcore taste that we love, no; it's different and is that meant with extreme! Eleven lullabies that confuse, disturb and speak to everyone. Two of the four only on here, unfortunately, as they all have the potential for more. Sexy!

2.Mensch In Ketten - FEUER & HANSEKRACH
3.Der Arbeiter - FEUER & HANSEKRACH
4.You're My Love - FAITH HEALER
6.Endstation Alsterdorf - RAZZIA
7.Neuer Fisch - RAZZIA
8.Außer Betrieb - RAZZIA
9.Last Scenery - DORIC TACET
10.Come Inside - DORIC TACET
11.Prophecy - DORIC TACET

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