Monday, 14 June 2021

V/A - Punk Territory Vol.1 - U.S.A. 1976-81 [1994]

Half time in Seville and again a damn good match. I really enjoy Euro 2020, I think the football crazy among you see it similarly. - I wanna use the break for a quick post of another small series, this time from the Italian label Anthology, their baby is simply called: Punk TerritoryA total of seven CD's with rare singles by American, British and Italian bands were ruthlessly scattered among the cheering music lovers in the mid-nineties and like the well-known detectives, finest material has been accessible again and refreshed our listeners' hearts. A long time ago I posted Vol.7 and now I'm overwhelmed with the rest that I don't want to withhold from you and that will gradually appear here in this theater. One more reason to stay on the ball here (unfortunately no scans of the booklets within, should someone have these please send) Fazit: Volume 1 is full with twenty-six smashers, thirteen bands and only hits. And now ready for the second half ⚽⚽

1.We Don't Need The English - THE BAGS
2.Kill Me I'm Rotten - THE LUCHS BROTHERS
3.Hot Wire My Heart - CRIME
4.Kill The Hippies - THE DEADBEATS
5.No Long Good-Byes - VKTMS
6.100% White Girl - VKTMS
7.Suicide Child - THE NUNS
8.Decadent Jew - THE NUNS
9.Savage - THE NUNS
10.Media Control - LOS NUNS
11.Smoke Filled Rooms - THE TOOLS
12.Adopted Procedure - THE TOOLS
13.Everyone's A Bigot - THE OFFS
14.Zero Degrees - THE OFFS
16.I'm A Bug - URINALS
17.Ack Ack Ack - URINALS
18.Sex - URINALS
19.Out Of Vogue - THE MIDDLE CLASS
20.You Belong - THE MIDDLE CLASS
21.Situations - THE MIDDLE CLASS
22.Insurgence - THE MIDDLE CLASS
23.No Passion - MODERN WARFARE
24.Suburban Death Row - MODERN WARFARE
25.Nothing Left - MODERN WARFARE
26.The Beat - LOS NUNS

- Great Thx to Reinhard -

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