Tuesday, 15 June 2021

ÄNI(X)VÄX - Punkrockers On Speed EP 1998

Time to pay tribute to a band which deserves your full attention. Scandalous, legendary & historical; Münster's cult combo Äni(x)växFounded 1984 by Adam (vocals), Frank & Fast Gonzo (guitars), Carsten (bass), Hakker (drums) and unfortunately they didn't make any record, only contributions on various compilations and this bootleg EP (limited edition) came posthumously out with all seven studio recordings. "To believe that this band's popularity was due to their musical ability alone would be a grotesque fallacy. Äni(x)Väx concerts also flocked to young people who were less likely to like punk rock sounds. Rather, these people were attracted by the spectacular trappings of the Äni(x)Väx performances, such as the street battle between punks and police after a concert in the Neuen Krug (1984) or a pizza battle 1988 in the Odeon." The band were known and notorious far beyond Münster's scene and toured nationwide. And that although hardly anyone knew how to pronounce the band name. Namely Änimälwäx. The name was a code for animal vaccination. Now, thirty-two years after the band's very last concert, their first record, Schock Und Drama, has been released, to which an elaborately designed twenty-page booklet is enclosed. Old photos, historical documents, lyrics and liner notes from Adam. A total of thirteen songs: six studio recordings and seven live takes, 100 copies in red and gold vinyl and released via Power It Up. Well, I can only say an excellent slab (I already have one!) and absolutely recommendable, a visit to their bandcamp site will clear up any doubts. Unless, you have no feelings for honest, loud, rough & dirty vibrations. In 1989 the band became history.

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