Sunday, 13 June 2021

THE DETONATORS - Balls To You 1989

I'm happy to see some more tips and after the exciting game day yesterday, the tournament will hopefully continue relaxed, but enough football. - High Energy Sound now from the Detonators, a hardworking, long-running, prolific and vastly underrated band. That sums up the career of the Detonators, who began in California in the mid-1980s but inexplicably decided to move to Eugene, a sleepy nest in Oregon, maybe they wanted a challenge. The band considers Balls To You as their best effort. They create hand-crafted fine, memorable dynamic smasher with a good dose hardcore, strong guitar riffs and simple vocal lines but each song is uniquely its own. This album shakes your balls properly through and Bruce (vocals/guitar), Juan (guitars), Bryson (bass), Scott (drums) are merciles. Compare the record to their Billion Dollar Nazis EP from 1991 and you will know what I mean. Now an appetizing tuna fillet and then guggn what England brings.

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