Wednesday, 12 May 2021


Probably the first German combo that tried to translate the ideas and sound of the US hardcore and skate punk into their own songs and strongly inluenced by this style were Hostages Of Ayatollah, founded 1981 in Velbert and eventually played in its permanent line-up with Jah-Jah (vocals), Jacho (guitars), Micha (bass) and Torso (drums). In 1983 the band recorded their first demo tape Aha; a year later their first EP Hallo Nachbar. In the following time the group played many concerts until the split album Kaaba Kaaba Hey, together with Manson Youth, came out on Zorro 1986. The success, however, was not what the band expected so a short temporary time out followed. In 1987 then they came back together and changed their music style and English-language words were now used. In the following year, they recorded their second slab Simply Too Much Nothing, which, however, led to some great discontent among the members. In addition, bassist Micha repeatedly had drug problems, which ultimately led to the band's final breakup in 1989.

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