Thursday, 13 May 2021

PROBLEMI - Nije Po Jus-U 2014

Holiday friends, bad weather, good times for blog visitors. I open the treasure chest with a compilation nuggets by Problemi. Founded in Zagreb, August 1978 as a result of the social economic situation and new trends (punk) spreading rapidly over the world and the first line-up consisted of Marino (vocals), Valter and Žarko (guitars), Maurizio (bass), Milenko (drums). After some line-up changes they played their first gig in September 1978 at a youth center with several young bands. Interestingly, Marino, as the youngest member, is responsible for the created punk expression of the group, in which he involved slightly older members who grew up on a fiercer, but more classical understanding of rock music. Initially, the band included in the repertoire arrangements of songs by bands such as the Sex Pistols, but they soon focused on their own songs. The music is mostly created by new guitarist Boris, while the lyrics are written by Marino. So, absolute enthusiasm and more than necessary musical foreknowledge blended into the youthful rebellion with a good dose of banter and the Pula legend was created. The band lyrically expressed itself as a voice of the people by saying publically what people thought, and encountered a resistance from the authorities.

Even though art shouldn't have boundaries, the government did a lot of silence the band by restricting public gigs and recordings. Despite this, Problemi survived for several years by changing band members, and consequently, styles of performing. However, they never compromised the message they were bringing to the public. Numerous gigs throughout Croatia and Slovenia are still remembered by fans and members of other well established bands of the time. A month after their first gig, Problemi get their first chance to play in the hottest club at the time Uljanik, which Pero remembers as a big part of that time because only the best were invited by Uljanik. 

At the beginning of the eighties they finally got the chance to record a handfull of songs at Truli, Zagreb which were published on the essential Novi Punk Val 78-80 compilation. They stopped working late 1980 (singer Marino passed away on February 2, 1981) because some members were drafted to the compulsory army, marking a period of silence for the band. 

Nije Po Jus-U is full with their complete former studio sessions and rare pieces recorded at home in Pula, June 1979, a total of fourteen rough smasher. Released via Rest In Punk in an edition of 250 copies with glossy black/white insert featuring liner notes, photos, lyrics. Fine Work!

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