Tuesday, 11 May 2021

STOPP - Håll Käft (Demo) 1991

Obscure two man combo from Mjölby with their only recordings, I guess and Stopp were Michael (vocals/bass) and Jonny (guitars/drums) and we enjoy five rough tracks with a voice which enjoy lots of alcoholica. Håll Käft means shut up and under this motto the other songs seem to follow, but I don't. My last visit there was about twenty-five years ago and my Swedish has been rusting ever since... well, there is not much to say about the two musicians, probably a fun project, google the band themselves and you will find little and nothing. Certainly not a musical virtuosity or highlight of excessive influence and probably distributed in small editions at concerts, I think. Overall not uninteresting and for tape collectors another welcome extra. Check it out!

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