Saturday, 10 April 2021

V/A - Oi! Siamo Ancora Qui!! 1991

Welcome friends on this cool rainy Saturday, suitable for more interesting music. With the following compilation I am doing a favor to a friend who asked me to post this record, but first of all: it's not my rip and the quality is poor, what a shame. I wonder who is satisfied with something like that? Maybe someone has a better rip with scans for me? Anyway, I'll do it and there hasn't been anything from Italy here for a long time. This nice slab came via Havin' A Laugh Records and presents us fifteen solid Oi! tracks by fifteen bands and that good streetpunk created there is proven by relevant records that were released in the eighties. Energetic mid-tempo pieces how I know not any other way, spread a positive vibrations throughout and bring me in the right mood for the important match in an hour against Wolfsburg. Stay tuned in any case, after football follows a killer, promised!

1.La Gente Reale Non Muore Mai - ASOCIALE
2.Feccia - GHETTO 84
3.Birra Gratis Per I Lavoratori - ALKOOLNAUTI
5.Oi! Siamo Tu Ed Io Vincenti - KLASSE KRIMINALE
6.Giudica - FACE THE FACTS
7.Restiamo Uniti (N'Oi!) - ROUGH
8.Oi! Rivoluzione - BULLDOG SKIN
9.Un'Altra Primavera - THE STAB
10.Iron Plate - FRONTE DEL PORTO
11.La Mazurca Dell'Uccellino - GHETTO 84
12.Non Contare Su Di Me - DOCTOR DOOM
13.Uniti Sempre, Divisi Mai - KLASSE KRIMINALE
14.Chaos! A Cicci (R.I.P.) - OI! CONNECTION
15.Per Favore !!! (Sparate Al Pianista...) - MAGIC MANLIO L'HERBERT


  1. Don't know if it's a different or better quality rip but here ya go:
    V.A.-Oi! Siamo Ancora Qui-1991-(224).zip