Sunday, 11 April 2021

V/A - Powerpearls Vol.3 1998

Uhh, damn exciting match yesterday at noon with a well-deserved victory for the SGE, the Champions-League is within reach. Now to the announced killer. In the nineties a wave swam over us with unofficial compilations that came up with rare punk classics of the early wild days, the well-known and certainly the best of them are the Killed By Death and Bloodstains series. But there is another interesting third: the Powerpearls series. Just as brilliant and significant contribute to resurrecting lost 7Inch nuggets and getting in touch with bands that nobody or only a few know these days, and whose music kicking just as much as the snotty punk buddies. My focus was more on the first two's and I didn't even know PowerPop that time, but now I like this genre, makes me feel positive and radiant, and it's close rooted with punk and sounds charming and lovely either. There are ten Volumes of these available, most at expensive prices, some with colored vinyl. So keep an eye out for them, it's definitely worth.

1.Bank Holiday Weekend - SEVENTEEN
2.Make The Rules - THE ORBITS
3.Crazy Today - UXB
4.Who's Gonna Tell Mary? - THE MOONDOGS
5.Tapan Aikaa - PROBLEMS?
6.John - VERTEX
7.Can't Wait 'Till The Summer Comes - RONNIE MAYOR
8.You Don't Live Here Anymore - THE FANS
9.Together - TESTORS
10.I Want My Woody Back - BARRACUDAS
11.Time - SPEEDIES
12.Degeneration - THE BLITZZ
13.It Shows In Your Face - THE GAS
15.Björn Borg - GÖTEBORG SOUND
16.She's Too Clever For Me - T.P.I.
17.No Direction - START


  1. Yessss, Thanks WDM, I've been missing this gem stone in the ruff for a while. I have Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.4 and Vol.5 all in FLAC which I am happy to share.

    1. I have Vol.1 + 3 as vinyl, the rest as mp3s, thanks for the offer. It's nice to see you're back.

    2. May I have a link to powerpearls 4 and 5? Been looking for them for a min.

  2. All five of the Powerpearls albums in MP3 @ 320 are in one folder here;