Friday, 9 April 2021

DREIZACK - Großstadt-Nacht 12'' 1982

One more on this evening. This slab isn't punk either, but a well-known one for every fan of early German rock music. Dreizack is a new wave combo, I would say, from Düsseldorf originated from the German rock formation Sinclair and existed in the years 1982/83 and the formation consisted of Thomas (vocals/bass), Peter (guitar), Wolfgang (drums) and they only had one regular release with the single Großstadt-Nacht (via Welt-Rekord) which became a hit in the club scene over the years. Other titles had been written but never published. In 1992 the previous band, Sinclair, got together again for a few years with the original line-up and also had old Dreizack numbers in their program. The a-side is catchy and poppy with a solid guitar in a decent tempo, the flip 'Koma' doesn't stay in the ear immediately but is okay too.

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