Thursday, 22 April 2021

THE PARTISANS - Hysteria EP 2001

Now militant island stuff and something well-tried and you know I'm a lazy writer I quote a suitable one which I found in the web, written from back then: "If you are really into early UK Punk, chances are that you're a fan of the Pogo punx the Partisans. These guys are back together after thirteen years of silence, but with only two original members Spike on vocals and this time around on guitar also, and Lealand still on guitar. They're back with a new EP titled "Hysteria" via the American label TKO Records. The songs on this slab could have easily been on their second album The Time Was Right. The Partisans are still not afraid of showing their energetic clash influences instrumentally on all three tracks. The lyrics talk about how everyone else is making more money, and etc. (the usual from this band). All along this whole three song record will have you singing the tunes after just one listen for the rest of your life. You know you want this because this is just another great "Top" release by a classic band, so go grab your wallet and buy it, or if you're too "Punk" to buy it steal a copy. (Thx to Brett)" - In 2004 they released their last record and two years later the band toured the UK with fellow Welsh punk band Picture Frame Seduction and played the Punk & Disorderly festival 2007 in Berlin. No further plans are being made to play live, although on 27. November 2015 they opened for the Italian glam rockers Giuda @ Orion, a rock venue in Ciampino, a small town near Rome and maybe they'll come back with a bang, who knows.

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