Friday, 23 April 2021

REALLY 3RD'S - Everyday, Everyway 7'' 1981

The weekend is here and let's tackle it with a real blast. In keeping with the blue sky and sun, the title track goes mercilessly into my veins and shoots me forward, and whatever may come, I swing over itA real PowerPop gem have the three with this song create and listening three times in a row is still not enough. The flip shines with a solid instrumental piece which is just as well played. 1000 copies were pressed on their own Really 3rds Record label without a sleeve. A bit info from discogs: "From Pontypridd in Wales, Really 3rd were a trio comprising guitarist Neil Lawrence, bassist Paul Pember, and a drummer identified only as Philip. After the self-financed release of the single "Everyday, Everyway," they changed their name to Shake Some Action in 1982 and became a mod revival band, but don't appear to have recorded in their new identity." No wonder that the song is used on a hand full of good compilations (Powerpop Pearls Vol.1 for example). I say: Chapeau!

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