Friday, 23 April 2021

ÜBERDOSIS GRAU - Schritt Ins Nichts EP 1997

Powerful, energetic and ponderous mucke far from slogans with deep thought lyrics by this three-piece from Frankenthal, a small kaff in the south of Rheinland-Pfalz and Überdosis Grau exist since approx. 1993, emerged from the Slime cover band "Die Letzten" they have remained loyal to the minimalist line-up: Flo (vocals/guitar), Tobi (bass), Stefan (drums). This is their debut slab on Freibeuter Records with four goodies. Like most bands, Überdosis Grau started with cover numbers. The repertoire included songs from Toxoplasma, Ramones and Nirvana, among others. Above all, these bands shaped the style of their own songs which they mixed with a dose of depression and a bit gloom. However, pressure and speed were not saved, so that the current style of the band could develop. To date they have released two albums and on few compilations. In any case interesting band far from Pogo. Listen!

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