Wednesday, 21 April 2021

TWEED - Fashion EP 1981

And because it's so beautiful in France, we stay a bit and find another rare debut 7Inch by Tweed on Smap Records, a three piece from Rouen and consisted of Stéphane (vocals/guitar), Christophe (bass), Eric (drums), and the band was created while the Revival Mod Movement at that time. Tweed shine with three catchy melodic PowerPop songs, that they sing in English, and I'm sure every heartbeat of lovers of this genre beats faster, including me, when you listen to this. At the moment I am digging up the treasures that slumber on my hard drive and that's because I'm in a Mod/PowerPop flow and enjoy this good mood sound and I'm very fond of these treasures. It's impressive in how many countries this style found its way into, and it's important to be different from the stupid, content & wrecked society. They made two more records and in the early 90s they disbanded, honored on some good compilations.

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