Saturday, December 19, 2020

THE FEATURES - Floozie Of The Neighborhood 7'' 1979

This weekend I'm busy with lots of new music and look forward to a new WDM compilation soon but now a quick post of a brilliant 7Inch and the corresponding info from someone who knows how to review: "First as five piece founded as the Fingers in Pittsburgh early 1977, they packing up their instruments and professional aspirations and leaving two Fingers behind, three members (two of them brothers) headed to New York City in September of that year, and released their first EP Isolation on Paradox Records with three nice goodies and then they transformed into the Features. Take three Fingers, add the manager, and a wardrobe change and you have the Features whose Floozie Of The Neighborhood 7Inch is a pop-punk classic while the flip's a fantastic Beatles (I love their records) cover. Modern day punk throwbacks, the Stitches, cover "Floozie" in fine fashion. Considering the chances of finding the original are slim-to-none, vinyl hounds should seek out the No One Left To Blame compilation (coming soon) which includes "Isolation" or, for the less discerning and more desperate, the Features/Fingers album released on Italy's Rave-Up label in 2000." (Ryan Richardson)