Saturday, December 19, 2020

ABZESS - Immer Bereit [Demo] 1984

Last but not least, a little fast-paced demo of Abzess, a three piece that consisted of Matt (vocals/guitars), Ulf (bass), Olli (drums) and apart from this tape they didn't publish much, here and there on compilation tapes to find and that's it, further infos or signs of life about the three can't be found in the global network as well, but what posterity will find on a Saturday in a decent cassette collection are eleven rumbling fast tracks in a good recording quality and one wonders why no EP was made, well.. shouldn't be. For this, the SGE reaped three points in Augsburg. Now I'm at the end for today, tomorrow will continue. Have a chill evening and don't stop listening to fantastic music.

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