Wednesday, 20 November 2019

ULTRAVOX! - Ha! Ha! Ha! 1977

Recently my girlfriend and I talked about known bands of our youth and the name of the following band from London was interspersed by me. She said: "Sure, I know.... Vienna etc..." and I immediately visited youtube and played her the old stuff from Ultravox! and she was amazed. Of course, with Midge Ure came a new sound that made it into the charts and they became known. I mean, the records aren't bad, but the old stuff is more my cup of tea. So this is the second album by Ultravox! on Island Records and is together with their first, my favorite album. Fourteen punky songs, ingenious guitar playing, catchy rhythms, nice keys.... in a word: masterpiece! In 1979, John Foxx left after an American tour to pursue solo projects, with Simon also departing. Currie, Cross and Cann were subsequently joined by Midge on vocals and guitar. This became the most successful and well-known, 'classic' 80s line-up. I recommend you, look for the first three albums and listen to the pre-phase, you will be excited.

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