Monday, 18 November 2019

DESCONTROLADOS - Aburrimiento EP 1988

In some countries, punk rock came years later, for example: Ecuador, it took even more than ten years, 1987 the Descontrolados were formed as the first punk band in this country and one year later they published a 12'' in a limited edition of 300 copies, with four extremely fresh, raw, melodic punk smasher from the style that could also originate from the late '70s, the band was very influenced by '77 style and outfit - they wear a dead mouse as an earring, or side parting combined with Hitler's snout, or a casual U.S. style dark glasses. Musically, the Descontrolados go versed extremely to work, in addition to short to the point brought punk rock guitar solos, a murderous bass line and rock-hard drums, is for example 'Pobre Charles Darwin', a short, wild sax solo-installed, and the action-packed 'Repression Policial' with a background noise of sirens to sound whipping shots accompanied - this absolutely gorgeous alternating between the punk rock and a broken rockabilly guitar sound. That same year another colored 12'' more New Wave influenced was released by the band, but after the shot of the charismatic singer the band disintegrated.

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