Sunday, 17 November 2019

V/A - Feel Lucky Punk?!! 1991

Let's sprinkle a bit of warmth into your little desperate hearts on this cold gray Sunday with this unofficial record from Gonzo Hate Binge Records, so let the detectives themselves speaking (so I do not have to blah blah): Greetings, Collector Scum! and welcome to the world of snotty, obnoxious, two-chord punkrock! This album contains twenty-two fine examples of straight ahead, hard sitting, loud-fast-stupid '77-'78 rarities from Australia, the USA and even one from a crew of Swiss alpine yodelers. No faggy speed metal guitar virtousos, no dischordian 'awareness' - just plain ole violent, simple and sexiest hate-mongering Punkrock, recorded while Henry Rollins was rocking to Kansas. A fucking Must Have!

1.Hanging On - ROCKS
2.I Don't Wanna Work - THE QUEERS
3.Horizontal Action - PSYCHO SERGEONS
5.Tell Me Why - NEWS
6.I'm Useless - THE QUEERS
7.New York Ripper - VIOLATORS
8.Hillside Strangler - HOLLYWOOD SQUARES
9.Kill Yourself - THE LEWD
10.Disgusting - THE MAD
11.Damn You - ROCKS
12.They Saved Hitlers Brain - UNNATURAL AXE
13.Kick Her Out - ROCKS
14.At The Mall - THE QUEERS
15.Get Stuffed - NERVOUS EATERS
16.Bummer Bitch - FREESTONE
17.I Hate Music - THE MAD
18.Hot Love - NASAL BOYS
19.This Place Sucks - THE QUEERS
20.I Only Panic When There's Nothing To Do - LEFTOVERS
21.Hillside Strangler - CHILD MOLESTERS
22.Kicked Out Of The Webelos - THE QUEERS

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