Wednesday, 20 November 2019


Let's go to Munich and meet two combos that were active in the early 80's. Beerdigung were Yelka (vocals), The Happy Gravedigger (guitars/bass), Dr. Fix (drums) and their first sign of life is a song at the Nur Hits tape compilation on Tape Trust/Rotbäckchen Records. Gruft Records became attentive and ordered the band into the studio and eleven songs were selected for this record. For the flip the label contacted Tollwut, they already had a great EP on Blizz Blatten out and the album was complete. Tollwut was founded 1976 (under the name The Dirty Rats) and recorded in autumn 1976, initially under the name The Spiders and The Hard Rose several recordings of experimental music, which were released as cassettes in short run. From 1978 they played Punk with English lyrics. Renamed into Tollwut the band played a number of gigs in clubs, cellars, squats, autonomous centers and festivals. In 1982, the band officially disbanded, but actually renamed themselves the Comics and published under this name from 1983 to 1993 nine albums with first German, from 1986 English lyrics. In 1997, they once again teamed up in honor of their deceased friend Simon "Seventy" Buchberger (former singer of the Munich band Scum), recorded two songs and performed again. In 2011 there was a live reunion in the Munich Theatron with members of various occupations from the 80s and 90s. The band also wrote songs about the political action group Freizeit 81, which originated as Tollwut from the Munich scene. In 1997, a sampler appeared under the title Freizeit ’81, EP’s aus München - Die Mutter aller Sampler! on Schlecht & Schwindlig. - Now have fun with twenty-eight minimalist Gassenhauer, direct announcements which most of the newer bands can't do.


  1. Hi, Gibt es da ne Trick, wie man das Album runter laden kann.Oder wurde der Link gesperrt?

    1. auf 'here' klicken und schon läuft's, der link funktioniert einwandfrei, check mal dein Kaspersky