Friday, February 01, 2019

G.B.H - City Baby Attacked By Rats 1982

Oh Yeah, we come to fast aggressive straight up punk and heavy guitar riffs by Birmingham's finest: G.B.H with their first full length on Clay Records and after almost forty years still a highlight in punk historyWhat should I tell you more? Music that clears your mind, so full of energy and dynamic, a sound that shuts out all your worries and you get the feeling that everything is possible! I want to quote a final review which I can only underline and the rest info can be found on sputnikmusic. "G.B.H's debut album, City Baby Attacked By Rats is an important album for the hardcore punk genre. The album remains a standout and is essential in the band's big discography. Even though albums like these aren't known for their diversity; it is the really the only major con. I would recommend picking up or at least give a listen to this if you are a fan of classic punk music, hardcore, even metal or just punk in general. This would also be a good album to start if you are new to the band." Enough for today, WDM has to rest.