Friday, February 01, 2019

DER DURSTIGE MANN - Saufen Ohne Ende 12'' 1984

So, some re-upps are done and the weekneds here so I come with along with a delicious 12'' by Der Durstige Mann, everybody knows, everybody loves, stand for strong minimalistic punk rock with a touch of wave sound. Surely you know some of their albums, for example the Bier 4 Tot or Hellblaun albums, and I must say they get more musically from record to record, also here too, all six songs have a melody, a nice rhythm and singing lessons were apparently also took, haha... Honestly, you can say what you want, this band from Frankfurt is so damn unique and I always love listen to them. This 12'' is megarare and I am very pleased to present this stuff on wdthtc. Enough words, mandatory download and the journey into a galactic weekend is opened.


  1. Pls upload "Der durstige Mann - Zurück in die Steinzeit", "Der durstige Mann - Ball der einsamen Herzen" & "Der durstige Mann - Küss mich"

  2. großartig, danke! those re-ups are very much appreciated for a late-comer to this blog. Since moste links from mid-2017 backwards are no longer valid. Such a sophisticated blog, so many forgotten artists.

    1. if you want a re-upp for a post, leave a comment.

  3. Could you please re-upp this one? Thanx!