Tuesday, 8 January 2019

CHUZPE - Anarchy Bla Bla 2011

Chuzpe were the first Austrian punk band. Born in 1977, they were really popular in the Vienna's underground circuit. Their early tracks are a marvellous examples of europunk at the same level of Kids, Ivy Green, Panic etc.. This anthology contains all studio tracks recorded between 1977-80 (the punk years of the band). In the sleeve notes, we read a very amusing relationship with a concert by the Viennese newspaper "Falter": "At eight o'clock the concert begins, the sound is totally zero, the singer incomprehensible, probably because of the borrowed material . A few minutes later the first punks start to "dance". A gang of bikers disrupt the concert screaming "When will you play music?" Raüdig, the singer, says "it is not Deep Purple." another shout "I do not understand a word of what you sing." Raüdig answers "How well you understand the words, you will probably not understand their meaning." the bikers started throwing cups, including the tracks from the Wiener Blutrausch compilation. Absolutely a MUST for every 'old Europe' punk fan. twelve killer tunes!!! Limited to 500 copies, Rave Up Records.

- Great Thx to Reinhard -


  1. Hast Du vielleicht noch was von DRAHDIWABERL? Das wäre echt spitze. Ansonsten nach weiter so!

  2. Bin auf der Suche nach DRAHDIWABERL. Vielleicht kannst Du mir da ja weiterhelfen. Danke

    1. leider nur die 7'' hier:

  3. @gunnar: http://musikvondaham.blogspot.com/2018/06/in-memoriam-stefan-weber-drahdiwaberl-8.html enjoy!

  4. Danke für die 7"! Danke auch an Reinhard für den Tipp.

  5. Anyone have the "Nowadays Pop For Pure People" single?